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Miami Stone Floor Cleaning – Look After the Surface

Category: Granite

Miami Granite flooring is a popular choice for many locations both domestic and commercial and for a number of reasons. Natural stone and slate are available in a wide variety of designs, shapes and colours, are to an extent easy to keep looking good and, although not cheap, score highly in terms of cost durability. […]

Granite Cleaning and Maintenance

Category: Granite

Among many home owners and contractors, Miami granite is the countertop material considered the best choice. Its easy care and cleaning make it extremely versatile, And its natural beauty is unmatched by manufactured materials. Even the pickiest of consumers can find a granite countertop pattern, color and texture that will compliment their kitchen decor, making […]

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Tile or Grout Cleaner in Miami

Category: Tile

Cleaning your Miami tile and grout is no pleasant task. Often it is something that many homeowners dread of doing. Aside from it being a tedious and tiring task, it can also take a long time to complete. There are a lot of effective ways for cleaning tile and grout on your own. But one […]

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning in Miami

Category: Tile

Cleaning your Miami tile and grout yourself can be a trial and actually end up causing more damage to your property rather than helping it. Even with a whole host of chemicals and semi-professional methods to sanitize your home, there are still some instances where there simply seems to be no light at the end […]

It Takes a Professional to Clean Marble in Miami

Category: Marble

In many upscale homes in the Miami area, marble is used on floors, bath tiles, counter tops, and in some cases on the walls, to give that palatial touch. However, to maintain its look, Miami marble must be cleaned and polished regularly. The cleaning of marble with its intricate, veined look, should be left to […]

Miami Marble Flooring, the Cool Alternative?

Category: Marble

There are many myths about certain types of flooring materials. Some are believed to be easily damaged, others to be difficult to maintain or keep clean, still others to be limited it their variety or style. Marble floors, however, seem to have escaped most of these often unfounded concerns. Here we will discuss not only […]

How Miami Concrete Staining is Done

Category: Concrete

There are now two ways to stain concrete, one uses a weak acidic solution, and the other uses a pigment based solution. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. In the first category are chemical stains, these in effect do not have any color of their own, but color the concrete using a chemical reaction. […]

Staining Concrete in Miami

Category: Concrete

Concrete floors in Miami are hardly a new phenomenon, many of us will have an old lumpy piece of concrete flooring or patio somewhere around the home! One of the most common questions that builders and concrete professionals get asked is “how do I make my concrete look better?”. For some time now builders and […]

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