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Why Choose Concrete Staining For Your Hollywood Home

Category: Concrete

When the average person thinks of concrete floors, they envision cold, dull grey slabs that have no real business being in a home. Not to mention, untreated concrete is porous so every spill or speck of dirt tracked in the house would end up embedded in the flooring, creating a permanent stain. The good news […]

Miami Concrete Polishing Makes That Old Drab Gray Look New Again

Category: Concrete

When taking into account the widespread and sophisticated use of concrete, the finishing touches on a variety of projects can make all the difference in the world. A key piece of the finishing touch puzzle is Miami concrete polishing. Regardless of whether you are working with floors, countertops, vanities, tables or any other surface, the […]

How Miami Concrete Staining is Done

Category: Concrete

There are now two ways to stain concrete, one uses a weak acidic solution, and the other uses a pigment based solution. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. In the first category are chemical stains, these in effect do not have any color of their own, but color the concrete using a chemical reaction. […]

Staining Concrete in Miami

Category: Concrete

Concrete floors in Miami are hardly a new phenomenon, many of us will have an old lumpy piece of concrete flooring or patio somewhere around the home! One of the most common questions that builders and concrete professionals get asked is “how do I make my concrete look better?”. For some time now builders and […]

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