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Essential Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Granite Countertops

Category: Granite

Granite countertops are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms due to their durability, timeless beauty, and resistance to heat and scratches. As a Pompano Beach marble polishing company with a great deal of experience in the stone industry, we understand the importance of proper cleaning and maintenance to ensure the longevity and luster of […]

Granite Countertop Stains and Scratches & Tips On Granite Restoration

Category: Granite

  The last thing anyone wants to see happen to their granite countertops is for it to develop stains and scratches. Unfortunately, some homeowners are faced with a granite cleaning and restoration project after they moved into a previously owned home. New or previously owned, the good news is that granite countertops can be cleaned […]

How To Clean & Maintain Marble Flooring

Category: Marble Flooring

People come to our Pompano Beach marble polishing specialist at Coastal Marble Polishing for advice on how to take care of their marble floors. If you’re wondering how to clean and maintain your marble floors, read on. When cleaning and maintaining your marble floors, it’s important to remember they may have different care needs. It’s […]

4 Benefits Of Stained Concrete Flooring For Your Home

For most homeowners, when they think of concrete floors for their homes, the image of a cold, industrial setting is what comes to mind, however, thanks to its ability to take on just about any color you can imagine, along with a highly polished sheen, concrete flooring might just become your new favorite household flooring […]

What Is Diamond Grinding? Tips From The Pros

    Diamond grinding is often done to prepare a concrete surface for painting or staining. It removes imperfections and smooths the surface. It is often used in combination with a shot blaster to create a clean, smooth, fine surface so the paint and sealants can adhere well. This process is extremely important to do […]

Why You Need a Professional For Your Granite Cleaning

Category: Granite

Making the decision to incorporate natural stone into the design of your home is a smart choice to make. Not only does it look stunning, it provides you with a considerable increase in property value. This is a win-win because you get enhanced visual aesthetic appeal and can see this as an investment. Of course, […]

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Pompano Beach

Category: Tile

If you have tile flooring in you Pompano Beach property, you understand how beautiful these surfaces can be when they are properly maintained. Likewise, you probably know how difficult it can be to keep these surfaces clean, especially the grout between your floor tiles. If your tile flooring and grout is dirty and unsightly, it […]

Why Choose Concrete Staining For Your Hollywood Home

Category: Concrete

When the average person thinks of concrete floors, they envision cold, dull grey slabs that have no real business being in a home. Not to mention, untreated concrete is porous so every spill or speck of dirt tracked in the house would end up embedded in the flooring, creating a permanent stain. The good news […]

Polishing the Marble in Miami

Category: Marble

Marble is beautiful to look at especially on floors. Marble floor polishing helps to reach its reflective potential. Everyone wants a floor that is so reflective you can see yourself in it. By polishing the marble it helps the floor from being resoiled. Some benefits to polishing your marble are: it is long lasting, reduces […]

Miami Concrete Polishing Makes That Old Drab Gray Look New Again

Category: Concrete

When taking into account the widespread and sophisticated use of concrete, the finishing touches on a variety of projects can make all the difference in the world. A key piece of the finishing touch puzzle is Miami concrete polishing. Regardless of whether you are working with floors, countertops, vanities, tables or any other surface, the […]

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