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How To Clean & Maintain Marble Flooring

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How To Clean & Maintain Marble FlooringPeople come to our Pompano Beach marble polishing specialist at Coastal Marble Polishing for advice on how to take care of their marble floors. If you’re wondering how to clean and maintain your marble floors, read on.

When cleaning and maintaining your marble floors, it’s important to remember they may have different care needs. It’s always best if you can get help from a marble polishing expert to learn how to clean and maintain your marble floors properly before you start trying to do it yourself or you may just wind up ruining the marble.

If you’re in the Pompano Beach, FL area, call us to set up a consultation. The following tips cover the basics of how to clean and maintain marble flooring.

Clean Spills Right Away

Although you may think marble is a hard-as-nails surface, it is a porous natural stone which can stain if you let liquid sit on it. Be sure to soak up any spills with a towel right away, rinse the area well, and then dry it.

You can make a paste with baking soda and water to remove stains. Let it sit on the area for 24 hours and then rinse and dry the area thoroughly.

Daily Marble Floor Maintenance

One of the easiest ways to protect your marble flooring and keep it from scratching is to remove the loose dirt and sand every day. You know how much sand gets tracked into our homes here in Florida, so keep up the daily maintenance for your marble floors to preserve their value.

We suggest you dust mop the marble flooring every day with a large commercial-style dry dust mop because it makes the job faster and won’t scratch the marble.

Weekly Maintenance For Marble Floors

Most homeowners will only need to damp mop their marble floors about once a week. If there’s a lot of foot traffic, you’ll need to mop the floors more often.

You can use a small amount of gentle dish soap with warm water to mop your marble floors but be sure you rinse the area well with clean water and then dry the floor with a soft, fluffy towel to avoid streaking.

If you use stone cleaners, be careful about the ingredients because some products can damage the marble.

2-4 Months or Yearly Marble Floor Maintenance

Burnishing is a method professionals use when polishing natural stone. It is done by machine to create a high-gloss on your marble floors. It works by smoothing the peaks and valleys of the marble. This type of polishing uses no floor polish but relies instead on the high-speed machine buffing process. For lack of a better description, burnishing marble floors is basically like fine sanding.

Marble, travertine, granite, and other natural stone will lose the surface shine pretty quickly. If there’s a lot of foot traffic, a marble floor can start wearing down within a matter of days.

It’s important to remove the abrasive dirt and sand during your daily maintenance so it won’t get ground in by people’s shoes as they walk on the marble floors.

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