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Granite Countertop Stains and Scratches & Tips On Granite Restoration

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Granite-CleaningThe last thing anyone wants to see happen to their granite countertops is for it to develop stains and scratches. Unfortunately, some homeowners are faced with a granite cleaning and restoration project after they moved into a previously owned home.

New or previously owned, the good news is that granite countertops can be cleaned and restored rather than replaced.

Particularly in the kitchen and bathrooms, granite countertops will be subjected to a lot of daily activities. It’s good to know what needs to be done to restore them to their original beauty. Here are a few professional tips on cleaning granite countertops and the best restoration methods to use.

Can Water Cause Permanent Stains On Granite Countertops?

Water can temporarily stain a granite countertop but won’t permanently stain them. It may look like there’s a bad water stain after you’ve set a few wet pots on the kitchen counter or have splashed water all over your bathroom counter, and it may look stained for some time.

Eventually, the water will evaporate from the material and the stain will be gone. To avoid the staining, dry the water right away.

Then, What Will Permanently Stain Granite Countertops?

The best way to avoid any type of stain on your granite countertops is to clean up spills right away before they have a chance to set in. If it’s too late and other removal methods haven’t worked, you have a permanent stain problem to deal with.

Here are just a few of the worst examples of what can quickly cause permanent granite stains.

  • Rusty pots and pans
  • Blood
  • Beets
  • Spilled paint
  • Permanent markers
  • Blueberries
  • Some red or dark sauces and Asian sauces
  • Red beverages like Kool-Aid
  • Powdered Jell-O and gelatin
  • Powdered drink mixes after they get wet or moist
  • Oil
  • Some fruit and vegetable juices, grape, tomato, etc.
  • Coffee
  • Mustard
  • Many different chemicals
  • Beauty oils, lotions, and other products

Can I Restore My Granite Countertops If They’re Stained Or Scratched?

Granite countertops can always be restored if they’re stained or scratched, you just need to know the best methods to use for granite cleaning and restoration. This is what makes them so durable and such a wonderful choice for bathroom and kitchen counters where a lot of activity occurs every day.

What’s The Best Way To Restore Granite Countertops?

The best way to restore a granite countertop depends on how deep of a stain you’re talking about and how long it’s had the chance to set-in.

For instance, we mentioned above that water stains will dry on their own, so there’s no need to worry about them. On the other hand, a wine stain which was left on the surface and allowed to seep in can be tough to get out.

For home granite cleaning projects, you can use various methods such as making a poultice out of a slightly abrasive cleaning agent like baking soda and mineral spirits. However, the ingredients of the poultice, or paste, needs to be tailored based on whether the stain is from an organic substance, biological substance, iron, copper, or rust.

Also, never use a granite cleaning and restoration product that contains acetone because this removes the sealant layer which protects the granite from stains.

Both scratches and stains can be removed by using diamond grinding methods for the granite cleaning and restoration. Professional diamond grinding is quick and effective for both granite cleaning and polishing when stains are set in and scratches need to be polished out of your granite countertops. You can call our granite cleaning and restoration professionals at Coastal Marble Polishing if you’re located in the Pompano Beach area.

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