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What Is Diamond Grinding? Tips From The Pros



Diamond GrindingDiamond grinding is often done to prepare a concrete surface for painting or staining. It removes imperfections and smooths the surface. It is often used in combination with a shot blaster to create a clean, smooth, fine surface so the paint and sealants can adhere well.

This process is extremely important to do correctly because it determines how well and how long the paint, epoxy coating, or stain and sealant will last. There are some cases, of which you have probably heard about, where the homeowner is left with peeling epoxy in just a few short weeks. While there are other various things that could have been done wrong, most involve improper surface preparation.

Diamond grinding is best done by professionals because they have all the equipment and know what to do. There are a lot of variables that must be taken into consideration. There are several tools and methods involved to prepare concrete for staining or painting. The technician will know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Diamond Grinding Is Environmentally Friendly

Sometimes acid is used to clean and prepare concrete before staining or painting. Diamond grinding is the environmentally friendly way to prepare concrete. There are those who use a combination of both methods.

About The Diamond Grinding Process

A diamond grinder is used with shot blasting to grind the edges of the concrete along walls. A professional will use a large grinder to prepare concrete or remove coatings and sealers. A diamond grinder will produce a smooth, uniform appearance on the surface of the concrete. They can also be used to create a marble or terrazzo-like look by using finer and finer abrasives. This results in polished concrete.

A professional diamond grinder is connected to a dust recovery vac to minimize dust in the environment. They use large pulse vacuum systems and several counter rotating blades. This method of concrete preparation is slower than shot blasting, but it can produce a very fine concrete surface which is important when painting or staining.

Choose An Experienced Contractor

Mistakes can easily be made when diamond grinding. One of the most common problems is swirl marks left in the slab. This means that the technician was overly aggressive when diamond grinding the surface. Using an abrasive that is too course will leave the concrete too rough and unpolished. If the grinding wheel is dressed too frequently, the quality of the effect is lessened. For proper concrete polishing, choose an experienced contractor who will get the job done right. Remember, this surface preparation is vital to the outcome of the project.

Scratch & Stain Removal

It is highly important to remove any stain or defect in the concrete surface before painting or staining concrete. Stained concrete is opaque, so any scratches or stains will show through.

Any oil stains or chemical stains will need to be properly removed before painting or staining or the residue will affect the appearance as well as the sealant adhesion. Since stains penetrate the concrete, the technician will need to use specialized methods to remove it. There are various techniques which can be used for the stain and scratch removal.

Diamond Grinding For Marble & Granite Floors

Diamond grinding is also used to restore and polish marble floors and granite floors. The technician will take several steps to restore the mirror-like shiny surface. Very often, the flooring consists of marble or granite tile which involves grout. The grout will need to be cleaned properly as well. Grout and tile cleaning is done in different ways depending on the contractor.

At Coastal Marble Polishing in Pampano Beach, we use a variety of processes to prepare concrete surfaces, polish concrete, clean grout and tile, and polish marble or granite floors. As professionals, it’s highly important to know how to work with all types of flooring materials. Our experienced technicians know that the correct methods of cleaning and preparation are the foundation to flawless results.

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